The walls are coming down!

Sep 30, 2015 7:00:22 AM / by Taylor Snow posted in Media Sales, Features and Updates, CRM, Industry News

The walls are coming down.  Software providers are finally working together to make your job easier.    

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In Sales-Time is Money

Sep 29, 2015 3:11:08 PM / by Chris Crawford posted in Features and Updates, CRM

If you are a career sales professional, you have heard this old adage before, so you can relate to the concept of time as a spendable and irretrievable currency.  Time not spent efficiently and effectively selling and engaging clients costs you money.  Not knowing where to direct and focus the currency of the time you do have will affect your ability to build a successful track.

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Two Tips to Make Your Trade Show Experience Worth It

Sep 21, 2015 11:39:42 AM / by Kitty Malone posted in CRM

It’s our industry’s trade show time again, and for many of you, you might be the sole representative from your stations or even your group. You may be on a mission to find a new vendor. You may be having a meeting of the minds with others in your group. You may be going to learn about new programs or ways of making money. Whatever your reason, your success can boil down to a couple of key tips:

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