The First Day of Christmas in Media Sales: One-on-Ones

Dec 9, 2013 9:22:32 AM / by Kitty Malone

media sales one-on-ones When you hear that Christmas music playing on the radio, promise yourself that you'll manage up so that your one-on-ones will be productive!
Radio engineer at his desk, Barbados, 1950. U.S. National Archives.

The 12 days of Christmas. Yes, Virginia, there are only 12 business days until THE day. Whether the holidays mean time with family, renewal of religious beliefs, Santa’s visit, or time off, the build-up towards Christmas is nothing less than astounding.

Many of your radio stations have been playing holiday music for a month, the weather dudes are debating when and how much snow will fall, shopping is still in your future, and travel plans are being finalized.

But let us not forget about our media sales business. For the next 12 business days, I will be highlighting some aspect of our business as we consider ALL aspects of the season. Feel free to sing along:

On the first day of Christmas:

Promise yourself that you will have fantastic and productive one-on-ones forever more.

  • Use your CRM and be prepared to discuss your key and target accounts and what you are doing to make them grow.
  • Know where you are to budget this month and for the two upcoming months and how you are going to get to your goals.
  • Know where you are to your sub-budgets, too, such as NTR, new business, and digital.
  • Be on top of your collections.
  • Be coachable by asking for help and advice.
  • Managers – frame your one-on-ones as half accountability and half assistance. Remember, you BOTH want the AE to hit their goals.

Next time, for the Second Day of Christmas, we'll talk about how if two (or more) people call on an account in your organization, you can work together and share information.

By Kitty Malone, Efficio Solutions Manager of Client Services

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Kitty Malone

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