The Remote Revolution: Modern Media Sales Teams Embrace Mobility

May 24, 2023 3:00:00 PM / by Chris Koller posted in Media Sales, Radio, TV, OOH


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Unleash the Power of Pricing: Strategies for Political Campaigns

May 17, 2023 12:15:18 PM / by Anita O'Neill posted in ShareBuilders, Industry News, TV

How should you handle pricing if your market expects huge political in the upcoming months? You risk scaring your core customers away if you price in full upfront. Once core clients start to avoid spending, pulling them back in can be very difficult if the political dollars don’t materialize. If you don’t price for any political and it comes in strong, you risk alienating your core by bumping them out. Researching the races expected in your market and past spending for similar races can be helpful.

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Can Broadcast TV capitalize on the demise of RSNs?

May 10, 2023 2:38:36 PM / by Bill Witsik


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Why We Think YOU Should Be in Control of Your Rate Card

May 3, 2023 12:23:15 PM / by Rachel Sprenkle

ShareBuilders has always given you the ability to customize the setup of your rate cards, but did you know that now you can edit them before you download? This ability comes thanks to ShareBuilder Pricing, our new, web-based version of ShareBuilder.

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The Benefits of Yield Management and CRM integration

Apr 26, 2023 1:23:44 PM / by Bob Swinehart posted in Media Sales, ShareBuilders, Customer Success, CRM, Radio, TV


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Are Awards Shows Back? - Inside The Numbers

Apr 19, 2023 1:55:34 PM / by Bill Witsik posted in Media Sales, Industry Events, ShareBuilders, TV


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ShareBuilder Pricing 4.14.23 Release Notes

Apr 13, 2023 10:44:43 PM / by ShareBuilders

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ShareBuilder CRM 4.13.23 Release Notes

Apr 13, 2023 5:00:00 AM / by ShareBuilders

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Pricing Strategy for Inelastic Demand

Apr 12, 2023 3:56:48 PM / by Mark Bretsch posted in Media Sales, ShareBuilders, TV

Different types of demand require different pricing strategies. Inelastic demand refers to a situation where a change in price has a relatively small impact on the quantity of a product or service demanded by buyers. In other words, buyers aren’t price sensitive.

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Supply & Demand 101

Apr 5, 2023 1:58:23 PM / by Joe Campbell posted in ShareBuilders, Radio, TV

Supply and demand is a fundamental concept in economics, which describes the relationship between the availability of a product or service and its demand, and is a core concept and philosophy in what we do at ShareBuilders.

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