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Sep 17, 2014 2:29:02 PM / by Kitty Malone

use your media sales powers for good Provide to your clients the three squares a day of the advertising world − frequency and consistency.
Schoolchildren line up for a free bowl of soup and a slice of bread during the Depression, 1934. Sam Hood, photographer. State Library of New South Wales, Australia.

Last week I challenged several friends and colleagues in media sales to help their local food banks. The main challenge was to run some spots in prime time, and if you couldn’t or wouldn’t, to fill a bag of food for donation or to donate financially online. I was so excited about this I assumed that everyone would jump on it. Instead, I discovered the reality of running “one spot” – people didn’t read it, life got in the way and they forgot, they were on vacation or at a convention, and some flat-out ignored me!

This must be what our clients feel like when they invest what seems like a fortune to them for a spot or two runs, and people aren’t lining up outside of their doors to buy their products or services.

Just as they are proud of their businesses and their shiny new spot featuring their showroom/dog/grandchild, I know my idea to use the social media challenge forum is a good one for a good cause. Like them, I just have to be a little more patient and let the word get out and spread. Did somebody say “frequency and consistency?”

Frequency and consistency is important because research shows it takes three-plus times exposure to a message to act on it…and it might be even more in this day of a constant barrage of information. Also, just as my friends on vacation weren’t on my frequency last week, customers may not be in the market for that product or service at that moment.

How that applies to media sales is to keep in front of people, respecting that they may not be in the buying cycle right this second. As they may be later on, keep good records, such as those possible in a CRM system, to remind you when you saw them last and when it is time to see them again.

Because I try to practice what I write, you are going to hear more about our Media Food Bank Challenge until you catch on and jump in the game. Again, the challenge is as follows:

  • Run five PRIME TIME spots/PSAs/remote cut-ins/whatever works for you for your local food bank or food drive.
  • If you cannot or will not, you must fill a grocery bag with food and give it to said food bank or food drive, or donate a minimum of $20.
  • Call out three of your media friends across the country to do the same (the best ideas are, after all, usually borrowed from somewhere). They have 24 hours to accept your challenge and a week to get it done. You can have fun with this. For example, challenge a friendly competitor that you know is sold out in prime time.
  • If more than one person at one station is called out, run five PRIME TIME spots per person. It is called a campaign, and works quite well (yes that is sarcasm).
  • Get creative in how you show your support and call out your friends. Post on this blog (or send to me) a picture of the traffic order, a remote at a grocery store, a video of a meeting with your local food bank, a creative spot or anything that shows you completed the challenge. If you aren’t in media and want to join in, here is your chance to get creative about what you do based on the business you are in. This, my friends, is where the fun comes in.

fishes-loaves "Loaves & Fishes" representing Emily Cox's donation to the Loaves & Fishes Food Bank in Greenville, South Carolina.

I called out Jeff Husted of the Kansas City T-Bone. He responded that he would, and promised a picture and results. Same with Nicole Ovadia from Emmis New York. TV Seller Extraordinaire Emily Cox, and Efficio’s own Education Director LeAnne Bader accepted and called out three of their friends. Emily even sent a picture! Still waiting for Greg Slavik of Earls Branson and Alpha Media’s Ed Dorsey, and several Efficio family members. But I know they will come through. Until the do, they will hear from me frequently and consistently.

If you want to join the challenge on the ground floor, jump in! Use Facebook, Linked In and our sites to call out your friends, and send us your results to be posted!

By Kitty Malone, Efficio Solutions Manager of Client Services

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