The walls are coming down!

Sep 30, 2015 7:00:22 AM / by Taylor Snow

The walls are coming down.  Software providers are finally working together to make your job easier.    

Historically, keeping data hostage was a strategy for some software providers to create customer stickiness because they couldn’t live without you.  It kept customers around and paying, but it also created a negative relationship.  No one wants to be held hostage which resulted in customer complaints and demands for more.  This opened the door for competitive products to surface filling the voids.

In addition, many vendors would question why work with other industry players when they can just build their own and compete.  While that is true, many of us, including Efficio, have learned every software tool brings its own set of challenges.  Anyone can build a basic product, but to successfully deliver a product, you need dedicated experts and users.  Lacking these teams will lead to inferior products.

As a result more and more providers are opening their doors to strategically align with complementary products, including Efficio.  At the top of our product road map we are excited about a whole series of integrations all focused to simplify a sales person’s job.

  • Efficio will accept leads from any source to seamlessly convert to account requests eliminating redundant entry.
  • If you already have a proposal in Tapscan, simply attach it to a sales opportunity where Efficio can automatically create Pending Dollars, analyze Pending Inventory, grade rates, and much more.
  • You’ve collected a wealth of information about the client and proposal, why re-key it into traffic (Marketron, Wide Orbit, etc.)  to create an order?  Efficio can send what you’ve gathered electronically at the click of a button to prefill the order.
  • The sales cycle doesn’t stop at an order.  Production requests are an important step. Again, why reenter the same information.  Seamlessly view or create production requests powered by vCreative.
  • We already have a wealth of traffic system integrations, but we have several projects make them even more efficient and effective.

Your data will be more connected.  Less places to hunt and gather.  Less training. Less frustration.  More time selling and exceeding goals.  

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Taylor Snow

Written by Taylor Snow

Director of Product