There is no Y in CRM

Oct 27, 2015 10:16:36 AM / by Kitty Malone


Having a couple of under-four-year-olds around has reminded me how often they ask “Why?” They want to know the information and reasons behind everything, from there is a cardinal sitting in the bush by the window to why I can’t fly.  Why do we have to eat breakfast (because it’s good for you!) to why does Mommy have to work today (to make lots of money!) to why do I have to learn not to use my glowing wand as a weapon to whack my sister (because that is just part of the deal when you are a kid!). So when I hear media sales professionals ask the same question about their CRM (albeit under their breaths – they have lost their wide-eyed innocence a long time ago), I give them my best puzzled look and return the volley . Why would you ask that question?

A CRM is not meant to be akin to eating your green vegetables. It is meant to be a tool to help you make money. Your company has invested in you and your future. Sure, you could carry a rolodex and have business cards from A-Z at your fingertips. Franklin Covey makes a great daytimer. And I am sure you can get traffic to print out your billing anytime you want, as well as having your sales assistant (if you still have one!) pull a current account list for you. Why would you want and need anything else?

Why, that is, unless you are embracing technology. Today’s pace is fast. You need information, lots of information, right now. You are different! You are in media sales. You have a sales process and you have appointments and production due and promotions meetings and follow up calls and pick up the check/tickets/copy info and why do you need a sales system at all, much less one that focuses on media?

The answer begins with the same word I give to my little ones: Because. Because you are in the information and technology age. Because you are accountable for your sales and your activities. Because this is a tool to help you focus your efforts on making the most money. Because a media-focused CRM can account for the eccentricities (try that word on a four year old!) of our crazy, hectic, different media world.

So just like eating those green veggies is good for you, we hope you in media sales come to realize that when you grow up, you couldn’t live without a good salad and a smile comes to your face when the asparagus comes steamed and finished off on the grill. As you grow as a media salesperson, you may just find you couldn’t live without your CRM and a smile comes to your face when you find that account that spent with you last year and it almost fell through the cracks, but you got them back on - and for an increase!

Why should you have a media based CRM? Trust us. Because it’s good for you and you will grow to love it! But I still can’t fully explain why I can’t fly….

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Kitty Malone

Written by Kitty Malone

Director of Customer Service