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Nov 24, 2015 7:13:53 AM / by Kitty Malone

We made it! It is Thanksgiving week! It is a time when our attention turns from prospecting, getting contracts approved, and goal setting; and instead turns to figuring out how we can slip away after lunch on Wednesday so to travel over the river and to the woods to grandmother’s house for Thanksgiving Eve dinner. This will be followed by you hosting the other family on Thanksgiving Thursday. Friday, work may cross your mind for a brief second as you are hoping the talent showed up to the early morning remote for your client, but your attention is back on your friends and family as you brave the crowds to get that Star Wars or Paw Patrol toy for a few dollars off.  Then the weekend is filled with more family and friends and will fly by all-too-fast. Facebook will be filled with warm wishes for friends, real and virtual, and family holiday traditions will be the focus.

In this time of family and friends, how many of us in media sales also take a few minutes to be thankful for our clients and customers? We spend this week working to get away from work, but about 50 other weeks of the year, including those that are what some call “vacation,” work is the center of our lives (or at least fights our family obligations for our mind control).

We at Efficio want to thank each and every one of our users and those who chose to invest in their media sales companies with our CRM and Yield systems. You are a focus of our lives too, and we are grateful to have you as customers.

We appreciate those to whom we often go for guidance as we develop new functionality; people like Mark Shecterle in Houston, Dave Wilner in Baltimore, Michael Nyberg in Bend, Mike Dufort in Princeton, Connie Knox in Wilmington and Cory Cuddeback in Las Vegas. They share their time and opinions with us to help get everyone a better product.

We are thankful for old friends who have been supporters through these many years, like Doug James in Charlotte, Trip Savery in Raleigh, Jack Cahill in New Jersey, and so many more. There have been a lot of loyal users, and some of you bring Efficio to your table when taking on a new challenge in your career.

We are thankful for those who view us as partners and have a smile in their voices when we talk to them, like Monte Young in Idaho Falls, Wendy Kleppe in Seattle, Kalvin Pike in El Paso, Mark Friesch in Milwaukee, and Manny Cervantes in Palm Springs. These people forgive us if/when we do make mistakes and always realize we have their best interests in mind. We are thankful to hear “‘ppeciate cha!” from our southern users, and thankful to hear ”talk to you later” from those we have helped.

We are thankful for those at the corporate level who have become more than vendors/clients, like Julie Jones in Washington, Kevin Branigan in Colorado Springs, and Adrienne Wright in Indianapolis. Through your desires to make your sales organizations better, we have traveled together, raised more glasses than we would like to admit, and shared a lot of laughs. You have become friends.

We are thankful for the hospitality we met in New York and LA, Raleigh, Boston, New Jersey, Detroit, Philadelphia, Columbia, Palm Springs, Austin, Las Vegas, and Cleveland. We clearly have been from sea to shining sea, with more visits to come in 2016, as we get to know better the needs of our customers and you as people.

And finally, we are thankful for ALL of you. If you didn’t see your name here, it was just because we can’t list all 3,424 of you. Those names are representative of you, and we are thankful for each one of you. This Thanksgiving, rest assured that, while we serve our families turkey and pie, we are also grateful to be serving you, our customers, and like all of us in media sales, our customers will creep in our minds even on a holiday.

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Kitty Malone

Written by Kitty Malone

Director of Customer Service