Goodbye and Hello

Dec 10, 2015 7:03:10 AM / by Kitty Malone

My laptop has seen better days. MUCH better days. When I was traveling with Efficio’s IT President for a presentation recently, he was horrified when I dragged out my everyday work, leisure and travel companion, which has served me so well. “You may NOT take that out of your bag in front of them!” he commanded. I sheepishly agreed, but it was a necessity.  It has MY wallpaper on it, MY favorites, MY work shortcuts, MY silly game, MY training and management documents and correspondence history– you get the idea. It also has a bunch of stuff that somehow crept on there during my last five plus years as I have traveled, virtually and literally, around the country helping those in media sales use software to make more money.

Then the research and shopping began for a replacement. Things have changed in the last six years! I decided on a Surface Pro, with specs to meet my needs in both my business and personal lives. New boxes arrive! As I was leaving the next day for company meetings, I took it all with me. How our IT guy’s eyes shone when I pulled out the boxes! In no time, he had me up and running with some basics. And it does this and this and this and this he shared excitedly!

As his excitement grew, mine became mixed with apprehension. Do I need all this? Where are my Facebook and my Linked In? Where is my game? My work shortcuts? I need Office again to get my Outlook, I guess. I don’t need multiple pen tips for sketching! I need MY STUFF!

I realized that is the way most of us feel when faced with change. We are excited, but can be overwhelmed as we try to get our bearings.

Users of new software in media sales feel the same way. Efficio, for example, has a zillion or more report configurations. But our users only need THEIR Billing plus Pending, THEIR Activity Report, THEIR Non-returning report.  They have developed their path for adding potential business. They want to see their accounts listed in a certain way. Some use it as their organizational lifeline, others use it as a nifty account list. And all are alright. Just know there is more there if you want it, and, just like the HELP found on my new Surface Pro, Help is often found in that upper right hand corner.

With this change, I have realized some things that relate to media sales:

  • Embrace change if it can make you leaner and meaner, and make you more money.
  • Don’t become comfortable with technology – it is always improving so you can improve with it
  • Stretch yourself. Learn a newer, quicker way to do things so you can free yourself.

So this is the final blog I will write on my comfortable laptop that has made its last flight and is now held tenuously together by duct tape. I bid adieu to my old friend, and with excitement (and a little trepidation) will open my new device. Recognize your electronic devices and software may upgrade, change, and have more than you need right now. Embrace it, use it, and soon it will become YOURS.

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Kitty Malone

Written by Kitty Malone

Director of Customer Service