We’re Joining ShareBuilders

Jan 20, 2016 5:19:52 PM / by Taylor Snow

Today is a milestone for Efficio. We are very excited to announce Efficio will be joining ShareBuilders to strategically align.

At Efficio, our passion over the last 15 years has been developing cloud based tools to help media sales organizations become more efficient and effective.  Starting with a blank canvas we created and continued to evolve our tools to continue filling the demands of customers. We have been rewarded with more customer success stories thanks to everyone of our team members.

This new exciting chapter is full of opportunity. Two key industry players collaborating, continuing to grow their core  products while taking advantage of the synergies that are yet to come.

Short term, you will not see any changes other than continued growth. We at Efficio will continue our focus on our core CRM and Yield product offering while looking for strategic opportunities to continue helping our users become more productive. ShareBuilder's will do the same.

In the future Efficio and ShareBuilders will collaborate and respond to customer demands creating and developing new industry leading solutions. Our goal is to create a culture of innovative growth to help our customers drive leads to renewals.

This is an exciting time for Efficio and ShareBuilders, a hearty thank you to all who have supported both firms along the way. Together we possess amazing talent who share our same passion to help make our clients lives easier.  We are  also very thankful to our clients who have assisted us in this journey by providing constructive and honest feedback to help steer the product and adapt to the ever changing industry.  Last but not least, we thank Don and his team from ShareBuilders for inviting Efficio into the family.


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Taylor Snow

Written by Taylor Snow

Product Manager