Efficio At the RAB 2016

Sep 14, 2016 2:54:58 PM / by Taylor Snow

During the last 15 years, the role of the sales team inside a broadcast operation has changed significantly. Reality is most sellers and managers face growing budget expectations, flat, low, or negative market growth, fewer resources, and a challenging economy and/or ratings picture. Combined together all of these factors make delivering on expectations stressful and leave people time starved.

At Efficio we get it. We are media people creating software solutions for media people. We are in markets and sales operations across the country on a weekly basis. We see firsthand how the sales job has evolved requiring reps and managers to have access to quick intuitive information and metrics in one easy to engage software solution.

In response to this environment, Efficio has evolved core functionality to provide solutions that help sellers drive prospects to renewals. In 2016, enhancements include increased functionality in Efficio across all mobile devices, optimized cross calendaring functionality between Efficio and Outlook/ G-mail eliminating rep duplication, and a new partnership with v-creative allowing for one stop production tracking all inside Efficio.

If you are in Nashville for this years RAB and would like to see a demonstration of Efficio to get more visibility into our capabilities to help your sales team grow revenues, please e-mail me, Chris Crawford, at ccrawford@efficiosolutions.com, or feel free to call me at 740-816-5070.

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Chris Crawford

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Taylor Snow

Written by Taylor Snow

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