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Dec 28, 2016 12:22:16 PM / by Kitty Malone

After January 1, the Efficio Customer Service Team is no more.

Before you panic and wonder what will become of LeAnne, Heather, MJ, Cindy, and all of those who have provided you with service in the past, know that they will still be there for you. Their focus will just be changing a little bit. And the beneficiary is YOU, our customers.

Please welcome the Efficio Customer SUCCESS Team.

The difference can be found in more than the words, the titles or the branding. “Service” indicates there may be a problem that needs fixing. Yes, of course we will still do that. But “success” goes a lot deeper. It speaks to what we try to do every day. We are involved from the moment you agree to be our customer. We want to make relationships with you in order to help you use Efficio in the way you can get the most out of it to increase your business. In other words, to be more successful.

So here is what the Customer Success Team will do for you:

  • We are involved in the initial Needs Analysis through determining how to build our Efficio tool to get the results you want
  • Our Launch Manager works with you to get the data from your systems into Efficio
  • We make sure your data is correct and set up to reflect your business model
  • We train Managers and AEs in how to use the tool to maximize sales opportunities
  • We troubleshoot in order to help you maximize your investment
  • We – yes- problem fix. We answer your questions from the HELP tab and calls to our 877 number.

So you see, The Efficio Customer Success team is involved every step of the way, and provides more than just customer service. We have seen success using Efficio as a tool to remind, measure, and assist. We want to help you realize the potential of the tool at all levels, from the frontline on the streets to corporate owners.

To see our new signatures with our new mission, send me, or any of us on the team, an email. Mine is kmalone@efficiosolutions.com.

We are here – I am here- to help you be successful.

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Kitty Malone

Written by Kitty Malone

Director of Customer Service