Product Changes April 16th, 2019

Apr 17, 2019 9:04:13 AM / by Taylor Snow

A New Account Icon

With this small change, we better recognize the type of accounts our clients do business with. Although a small change, we hope this icon better represents your accounts. This icon along with many others, will be implemented throughout Efficio.

New! Icons throughout Efficio

We are continually working to make Efficio even easier to use with every update release. This update helps bring quicker and easier identification of the data throughout Efficio. In many of the grids throughout Efficio, you will notice the primary column(s) have an icon to help identify what you are looking at. Many other buttons are now more easily identified.

A Cleaner Contact List & View

With this update to Efficio you will notice a bit of a cleaner Contact experience. Now with standard icons, you can quickly identify if contacts are related to an account or an agency. The Icon standardization makes it easier to add activity for contact, email contacts,

Filter Updates

The following pages have been upgraded with our latest easy to use filter controls. 

  • Corporate Account List
  • Corporate Agencies

Keyword Search Updates

The pages below have been updated to provide a quick keyword search for greater ease of use when trying to search in Efficio.

  • Pending List
  • Corporate Account List
  • Corporate Agencies

Grid Page Standards

The following pages have received the most recent grid enhancements of adding and removing columns, printing and exporting grids to excel.

  • Corporate Account List
  • Corporate Agencies
  • Corporate Pending

Other Notable Fixes and Cleanup

  • The corporate home financials filters were being cut off, these are now cleaned up.
  • Corporate Account icon updated
  • Corporate account list agency name now links to the agency detail in corporate roll-up.
  • Corporate agency page now shows the shorter market name descriptions
  • The footer of every page now better identifies how your market views dollars in Efficio. This now links to a new help article that explains the different ways to view dollars in Efficio.
  • The Account List page expand icon no longer causes the grid to jump when hovering or selecting to expand.



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