But I Don't WANNA Go Back!

May 6, 2020 3:55:50 PM / by Kitty Malone

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(How to Let Your Boss Know You are Getting the Job Done Without Going into the Office)

A couple of months ago, which, I know, seems like forever ago, everyone had to scramble to set up remote working capabilities. We had to find a space in the house that was quiet enough, and perhaps had a door that could temporarily keep out kids and pets. We had to have a computer/tablet/phone that could keep up with our workflow. We had to learn how to use Zoom and Ring and Teams to communicate. We had to adapt to not seeing customers in-person, and doing business through email and by phone. We had to be creative and find new valid business reasons for businesses that may not be open, or may be open but doing things differently. But, fast forward – we did it.


Now, states are opening and getting ready to open. Most businesses are looking at adapting to state and local rules for keeping their employees and customers safe. You will be allowed to go back to the office. That means getting in your car, negotiating the morning traffic, and poking your head in the boss’s office with a hearty, “Good morning!” so they know you are there and on time. You will then sit at your computer and phone, and do your business. At the end of the day, you will wave to the boss on your way out, negotiate that drive-time traffic again, and finally you are home – before it starts all over again tomorrow.


But, what if you don’t WANNA go back!?

What if you have found that you can cut out that drive back and forth, and still work efficiently and effectively? Or what if you have found that hitting the building in the middle of the day works better for you?


How do you let your boss know you are getting the job done without going into the office?

  • Be totally transparent. This comes with keeping good records of what you are doing. Your bosses need to know your direction and can offer help if needed. CRMs give you the tools to do this.
  • Be consistent. Update your activities, what you are working on, how much money you are expecting to bring in. Do this in a timely manner – as it happens or a couple of times a day. Again, use your CRM tool.
  • Set goals and meet them. You may be resetting your budget goal due to these circumstances, so set some realistic secondary goals. Maybe this is sponsorship packages, maybe it is a digital initiative, or perhaps it is a mutually agreed upon reforecasted budget goal. Be prepared to show your progress to those goals and your success in achieving them.
  • Insist on having a one on one with your Manager. This can be online, because you are now used to it; or in person when you do go into the office. You want your boss to know you are working, you are making goals, AND you can get buy in and assistance.
  • Make the In Person calls. Breaking that traditional routine doesn’t mean you don’t see people, once you are allowed to. Remember that face to face builds trust and relationships – which will be a good foundation for ongoing business.
  • Show Up. You may be required to go into the office for sales meetings, to talk to production, etc. Do it with a smile and be reliable.
  • Sell stuff. Yes this is obvious, but you have to get results in order to get the benefits. Use your CRM to come up with ideas, such as who was on this time last year, or target certain categories.


Many people have happily discovered that business can go on when working remotely. The door is now open. When you take control of your business and use your CRM and other tools to do your work and show what you have done and are going to do, you can confidently tell your boss that you don’t wanna go back to the way it was.

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Kitty Malone

Written by Kitty Malone

Director of Customer Service