What Does “Going Back…” Look Like Now and in the Future?

Jun 17, 2020 10:41:19 AM / by Kitty Malone

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Your area may have tighter restrictions, and you may have some people who are uncomfortable going back to an office situation; or they may have temporary child care or care of someone ill that makes the daily commute a hardship. You may have come to realize that some people are as, or even more, productive when working remotely. But, how can you tell if your team has been moving the ball forward? Using Efficio, here are some ways you can get some insight into their productivity since they left the office setting: 


  • Have they been totally transparent with their activity? This comes with keeping good records of what they were doing. You can see this in their pending, their next step activities, and if their contacts are in the system.  


  • Have they been consistent? That means they should have been updating activities regularly and moving pending through the sales process. They should be inputting this information at least daily to not only keep track of their business and next steps, but to allow for transparency.  


  • Did they set any goals during this time, and did they meet them?  Perhaps that is a number of people to touch each week. Perhaps it was an initiative tied to the circumstances. Perhaps it was to focus on a secondary budget, such as digital, or a business category such as restaurant take-out. Perhaps it was a mutually agreed upon re-forecasted budget goal. They should be prepared to show progress to those goals and success in achieving them. 


  • Did they demand time from you? Hopefully, they wanted the boss to know what they were working on and asked for your guidance and blessing. Try pulling a Program History Report in ShareBuilder. This will help you better understand what happened in the past to make better recommendations for the future! 


  • Did they make any in-person calls, assuming they were able to at a social distance? Breaking that traditional routine may not mean they didn’t see people, once allowed. Did they at least have online meetings with customers with the video on?  


  • Did they show up? Were they on time for your online meetings? Did they answer your texts/emails/chat in a timely manner? You may need to require going into the office for sales meetings, to talk to production, etc. Will they be there on time and with a smile?  


  • Sell stuff. Yes this is obvious, but there has to be results in order to get the benefits. Hopefully, they used Efficio to come up with ideas, such as who was on this time last year or to target certain categories. Don’t forget to utilize inventory charts in ShareBuilder too! Look for areas where you can encourage your team to push for higher rates (or get super aggressive as needed). 


Once you see if your team can be productive without working in the sales pit, you may consider that when managing your team in the future. If you need any help looking at any of these metrics, Efficio can help guide you through it. 

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Kitty Malone

Written by Kitty Malone

Director of Customer Service