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Jul 15, 2020 3:58:55 PM / by Kitty Malone

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We all know the clichés about the current state of our world – unprecedented times, trying times, uncertainty – they all mean one thing. There is a lot we don’t know. That is certainly true with sports. This is where Efficio can shine for you. Combine your data with our tools to give you the best picture of where you stand and your path forward. 

This year’s Superbowl provided an epic comeback, basketball was at its season start, and baseball players were packing to go to spring training. Radio and TV stations had sponsors lined up for pre-games and scoreboard shows. The revenue was laid in for the season. Then, it came to a screeching halt. With the silence on the field, the court, and the course, came silence from the sponsors, as the revenue from sports was pulled from the stations.   

Sure, people were still drinking beer, eating snacks, using wireless, and even buying cars. However, at least part of the emotional buying of sports sponsorships is the emotional connection to the team, and if the team and the fans are at home, those sponsorships are not attractive.   

We have waited. Stations have done their best retaining business and offering incentives to those who stayed on the air, but no games, no races, and no tournaments has had a major financial impact.   

When we see NBA players checking into Disney, ready to practice for their abbreviated season, baseball players taking their home fields for batting practice, and NASCAR racing in empty stadiums, it can’t help but bring a smile to our faces and some hope to our lives. With that, it is time to sell sports!   

Using Efficio, or your CRM, you can pull reports that can help you target the right advertisers. Of course, you know who your key sports sponsors are, but you can go deeper! The Year to Year report can tell you who was on this time last year, as well as pinpoint some medium advertisers who are now ready to shine in sports coverage. The New/Returning/Non-Returning Report will show you, at a glance, your non-returning business from big to small, as well as your business that is returning for less. Can you come up with a great idea or opportunity for them, to get them re-engaged in your teams? Also, take part of in sales meetings to brainstorm categories that may need to be highlighted right now, or are ready to re-open. Efficio has a great report that shows you how much these categories have spent and which advertisers in that category you have had on the air in the past.   

We are more than happy to show you what these sports mean for your station(s) and how to strategically price your avails to maximize the revenue. Don’t forget, we house your historical information, allowing you to call on the past to better inform future decision making!  

Sports are ready to return. YOU can be ready to recapture lost revenue.  Use your CRM and other tools at hand to help you score and make an epic comeback! 


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Kitty Malone

Written by Kitty Malone

Director of Customer Service