What a Way to Start the Year and What a Way to End It!

Jan 8, 2015 11:31:14 AM / by Kitty Malone posted in Features and Updates, CRM

As 2014 opened, we at Efficio were excited to share our newest version – Effico 5.0! Not only was the look and feel changed to be cleaner and more up-to-date, the navigation was streamlined, inputting pending was simplified, and the result was a more user friendly experience. We were well-aware how many people react to change, so we have been thrilled with the overwhelming embracing of Efficio 5.0! As we have traveled to markets from Raleigh to Washington and from Detroit to Dallas, we have been met with smiles and nodding heads as we rolled out the new Effico 5.0. Positive feedback has been overwhelming and we are thrilled that our customers are so happy!

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