Maximizing TV Advertising Revenue: A Powerful Blend of Data and Human Insight

Strategies for Building a High-Performing Sales Team

Experience the Future of OOH with ShareBuilders at OAAA 2024

Is The Future of Sports on Broadcast TV in Peril?

Are You “Buying” or “Renting” My Inventory?

Secure Your Exclusive Strategy Session at NAB Show 2024

Elevating Client Success with ShareBuilder CRM's Newest Features

Navigating the Maze: Ratings, Impressions, and the Quest for TV Ad Revenue

The Influence of Local News on Consumer Behavior: A Closer Look

Knowing When to Adjust Your Budget: A Guide for Broadcast TV Stations

Optimizing Q2 Pricing Strategy: Key Factors to Consider

Navigating the Future of Broadcast TV Sales with AI-Powered Insights

How Can Broadcast TV Stations Prepare for Unprecedented Political Spending?

Maximizing Sales Efficiency: A Dive into ShareBuilder CRM's Sales Funnel

Streamlining Your Rate Card Experience: Introducing Enhanced Rate Details

Pricing Vs. Forecasting

Broadcast TV - Is 2024 The Year of the Comeback?

ShareBuilder Tools: Report Manager

Smart Forecast: The Next Evolution in ShareBuilder Tools

Announcing Connected Mailbox: A Game-Changer in CRM Activity Syncing

The Harsh Reality of Prime

The Evolution of Out-of-Home Advertising: A Programmatic Revolution!

Beyond Numbers: The Personalized Approach to Pricing with ShareBuilders

Heads Together - Episode 2

Crack the Code of Pricing Success: Harnessing Sharebuilders' Holding Capacity Model

Mastering Rate Card Best Practices: Insights from a Consultant

Automating Lead Management with Zapier & ShareBuilder CRM

Shift into Park: How the Automotive Strike is Steering Television Ad Spending

Precision Pending, ShareBuilder AI

ShareBuilder AI Announcement

New ShareBuilders Feature - Rate Details In Our Pricing

The Future of Media Sales Efficiency: ShareBuilders Announces New Platform

Our Approach to AI

A Closer Look at Automotive Sales Growth in 2023

Three Milestones for Forecasting Success

Scoring Touchdowns with Football Inventory: Who Holds the Buying Power?

Projection 2029: How will live sports and tech innovation affect broadcast television in the next five years?

Why Our Stations Love Aggregated Pacing

ShareBuilders Takes the Guesswork Out of Budgeting

Three Observations from Recovery

Is Programmatic Worth It? The Pros and Cons.

Pricing Strategy: Optimizing Inventory During Big Events and Political

Trust Your Gut or the Data: ShareBuilders Is in Your Corner

How Will the Writer’s Strike Affect Prime Programming in the Fall?

Unleash Your Sales Potential with Unmatched Confidence Using ShareBuilders Forecast for CRM

Redefining TV Preferences - How Daypart Revenue Contribution is Changing

Remote Control: How to Manage Your Work-Life Balance When Working at Home

The Remote Revolution: Modern Media Sales Teams Embrace Mobility

Unleash the Power of Pricing: Strategies for Political Campaigns

Can Broadcast TV capitalize on the demise of RSNs?

Why We Think YOU Should Be in Control of Your Rate Card

The Benefits of Yield Management and CRM integration

Are Awards Shows Back? - Inside The Numbers

ShareBuilder Pricing 4.14.23 Release Notes

ShareBuilder CRM 4.13.23 Release Notes

Pricing Strategy for Inelastic Demand

Supply & Demand 101

Monthly Comparisons

Has the Demise of Broadcast TV Been Greatly Exaggerated?

Download the New ShareBuilder CRM Mobile App Today!

Heads Together - Episode 1

Why is OOH advertising expected to grow 8% in 2023?

When is pricing for share a bad idea?

Out of Home - Occupancy Matters

Client Q&A: Best Uses for Sales Analysis in ShareBuilder CRM

When is pricing for share a good idea?

Automotive Spending on Broadcast TV

Pricing vs. Forecasting

One Step Closer to Having All Your Sales Data in One Place

ShareBuilder CRM 2.2.23 Release Notes

In a Game of Inches . . .

ShareBuilder CRM 12.30.22 Release Notes

ShareBuilder CRM - Fully Powered By Microsoft Azure

World Television Day

The Nitty Gritty

Confessions of a Former ShareBuilders Client Part 2

Efficio is now ShareBuilder CRM

Happy Retirement, Kitty!

National Limerick Day

Confessions of a Former ShareBuilders Client

Impressions as a Measurement Metric

Save Precious Time with ShareBuilder Rate Cards

World Radio Day

ShareBuilders Welcomes A New Consultant

How Much Are Your Preemptions Worth?

ShareBuilders Helps Stations Overcome Uncertain Times

4 Strategies for Accurately Predicting Spread

How Better Data Drives Bottom Up Budgeting

ShareBuilders Gives Clients Insight into the Media Business

ShareBuilders Helped Clients Adapt During COVID-19

The Impact of Olympics on Revenue and Market Share

Now What?

So, What Exactly Is a Holding Capacity Model?

How The Right Software Solution Can Optimize Your Available Inventory

Integration Helps Your Sales Team Get The Most Out of Every Proposal

See The Future: Use Technology for Better Forecasting

Are You Getting The Most Out of Your Inventory? ShareBuilders Can Help

5 Signs Your Rate Card Needs to Be Reassessed

Sales Shouldn’t Be Siloed: 3 Reasons Your CRM Needs to Integrate

How Analytics Can Change the Conversation Between Local Sales Leadership and Corporate

Keep Account Executives Accountable: 5 Features to Look for in a Software Solution

Inventory Management During Election Season: What You Need to Know

Stage Your Epic Comeback with Efficio

What Does “Going Back…” Look Like Now and in the Future?

Virtual Fatigue - Yes, it is a Thing!

But I Don't WANNA Go Back!

The new Efficio starts here.

Working From Home

Efficio supports you, wherever you need to work

Put Yourself in the Driver's Seat

Product Changes May 21st, 2019

Product Changes April 16th, 2019

Product Changes March 22nd, 2019

Reinvigorating Partnership and Growth

Efficio At Your Fingertips


Everything That’s Old is New Again

Separation – More Than the Box that the Copy Paper Came In

Update March 6th, 2017

Update Feb 10, 2017

We Are Evolving

Efficio Solutions Announces New Focus on Customer Success

Fa La La La What the He**?

What Happened To Us?

Efficio At the RAB 2016

See you at the SMTE 2016

What Just Happened Here?

Efficio Update 4.28.16

April 2016 Release


We’re Joining ShareBuilders

ShareBuilders Merges with Efficio Solutions

A Message for Those Who Find Themselves With New (or No) Owners

2015 in the Rear View Mirror

Goodbye and Hello

This Blog is About YOU (and I am Naming Names….)

Why Choose a Media Sales CRM

There is no Y in CRM

The walls are coming down!

In Sales-Time is Money

Two Tips to Make Your Trade Show Experience Worth It

Mobile Changes

AT&T Requires FM on all Android Phones in 2016

Efficio Solutions Hires Radio Sales Veteran to Training/Customer Service Team

Efficio Rolls Out New Technological Advancements at Las Vegas Trade Show

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow, 'Cause You Can Work in Your PJs

What a Way to Start the Year and What a Way to End It!

Five Things We DIDN'T Learn in 2014

What is My Time Worth?

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Efficio!

Hello, My Name is {Insert Name Here}, and I am a Hoarder

The Price is Right – If You Can Get It

Which Came First − The Music or the Sale?

Kitty Malone is Not Giving Up On This!


The Next Biggest Thing – Do YOU See YOUR Name?

Steps to Keep Your Media Sales Fit

Do Your Media Sales Clients “Get” You?

Flying By and Flying High in Media Sales

Forget About the World Cup. What's the Status of YOUR Gooooals?!

Technology Round-Up: Windows XP and the Heartbleed Bug

Every Day in Media Sales is Like a Rock Concert

A Fresh Pair of Eyes Can Help Even in Media Sales

A Health Check

So, You Still Have XP

How Does Heartbleed Affect you?

So What if Windows XP Support is Over?

Do You Do What it Takes — Even When No One is Looking?

I'm a Complete Loser (and This Isn't About My Brackets)

How to Keep Your Media Sales From Blowing

What Kind of Media Sales Animal Are YOU?

Do YOU Use Your Media Sales CRM to Pass the Eye Test?

Media Madness: It's Not All About the Brackets in Media Sales

Efficio Solutions Partners with Marketron’s Mediascape Open Platform with CRM and Yield Management Solutions

Will That "Good" Media Sales Deal Pressure Your Inventory?

Let the Good Times Roll! Every Day in Media Sales is Mardi Gras

Are You a Cyclist or a Spinner?

Losing in Media Sales Stinks

Can YOU Be Trusted?

It Takes More Than Talent and Practice to Go For the Gold

Letting Go — Watching Your "Baby" Grow

What Game? Media Sales Lessons from Super Bowl Commercials

Media Sales Words That Should Be Retired. Now.

Use Your Power for Good

The Magic in Making the Sale

Selling Ice Cubes During the Big Chill

A Sarcastic Bit*h’s New Year’s Resolutions for Media Sales

2013 in the Rear View Mirror

The Twelfth Day of Christmas in Media Sales: Budgets

The Eleventh Day of Christmas in Media Sales: Collections

The Tenth Day of Christmas in Media Sales: Contacts

The Ninth Day of Christmas in Media Sales: the Sales Funnel

The Eighth Day of Christmas in Media Sales: Non-returning Accounts

The Seventh Day of Christmas in Media Sales: Avails

The Sixth Day of Christmas in Media Sales: Good Ideas

The Fifth Day of Christmas in Media Sales: Prospecting

The Fourth Day of Christmas in Media Sales: Budgets

The Third Day of Christmas in Media Sales: Reports

The Second Day of Christmas in Media Sales: Sharing Information

The First Day of Christmas in Media Sales: One-on-Ones

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