Beyond Numbers: The Personalized Approach to Pricing with ShareBuilders

Nov 29, 2023 3:27:04 PM / by Anita O'Neill

Did you know that when you work with ShareBuilders, you get a weekly call with an experienced consultant and have an analyst working behind the scenes on your behalf? It’s like adding two new members to your team! At ShareBuilders, we believe that the human element of working with us is critically important. Weekly conversations with your consultant guarantee that you are getting the best possible results from our products based on the unique needs of your station and your market.

3-Oct-25-2023-07-49-46-2402-PMDuring a typical Sharebuilders call, your consultant works with you to forecast demand as we see it in the market. The more prepared you are with pending, non-returning, or new client information, the more accurate we can be in working together to price correctly. We can review current recommended rates and walk through inventory to identify areas where we can get more aggressive or identify programs that need to be protected. Beyond pricing, your consultant can show you where you have pricing power using our Holding Capacity model. Our sophisticated budgeting tools are guaranteed to quickly assist you in the budgeting process. Your consultant can confidently guide you through the process step by step, ensuring you make the most informed decisions.

_Aug Blog -BillThat’s not where it ends. Your analyst works behind the scenes to maintain your database, ensuring ratings are entered, and audits are maintained if necessary. Most importantly, they balance your Price Plan to guarantee you can reach the pricing target discussed on your weekly call. If a pricing target is raised on your call because demand is strong, the analyst works to update your price plan to make sure we protect areas where we see that strong demand. The software will sculpt rates even higher as those programs tighten. Conversely, if demand is dwindling and we need to get more aggressive, the analyst will lower rates in low-demand areas to allow us to go after those areas and hopefully find a way to fill them so they don’t go unused. Because your analyst works with many stations, they have unique insight into dayparts and programs that are trending hot or cold.

Our team wants to make sure you get the most from our products. We’re invested in your team’s success. To learn more about our Pricing product, click here

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Anita O'Neill

Written by Anita O'Neill

Anita is a Senior Pricing Consultant for ShareBuilders.

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