Do You Do What it Takes — Even When No One is Looking?

Apr 11, 2014 11:01:17 AM / by Chris Crawford

high expectations Display serious dedication at work.
Staff of the St. James Hotel, Red Wing, Minnesota, c.1890.

David Einstein, co-president of Efficio Solutions, and I have spent the past week at the NAB meeting in Las Vegas. The host hotel is the Wynn/Encore, one of the nicest facilities on the strip.

It has been a hectic week meeting with many clients and prospects. I believe with confidence that the hard work we are putting in here will pay off in the long run with better relationships with our existing clients and the creation of new relationships with folks we are meeting during the conference, where we are demonstrating our media sales CRM and yield management software suite.

The real takeaway for me from the week though is what I witness early each morning as I go to get my morning coffee at the café. I live in Columbus, Ohio, so I’m trying to stay on Eastern Standard Time, which means that I have been getting up around 4 a.m. Mountain Time.

Riding the elevator down to the main floor, I have been observing the process that Wynn employees go through EVERY MORNING. It is impressive. A fleet of employees cleaning carpets, hand wiping each chair at every gaming station, changing the felt on gaming tables that by my observation look clean and flawless, and sanitizing the elbow rests at every table on the floor.

I have observed serious dedication and focus by staff making the hotel the best it can be — when no one was looking. It is clear that management has set an expectation of excellence for what the guest experience at the Wynn should be.

Each worker smiles, greets you by name when they have an interaction with you, and acts as if you are the focus of what they are doing at that very moment. I am no shill for the Wynn, but when you see real dedication by so many people to fulfilling a vision of service and a belief in providing a quality experience for a guest, it is just very impressive.

I have not seen any managers watching the workers and demanding this type of performance in the moment; it just seems to happen naturally, as if all employees have the same type of dedication to the hotel’s vision individually, that each one of them is focused on delivering an exceptional experience as well as they possibly can.

So how does this relate to us in media sales, or in any profession really? Do we act every day to fulfill our vision of who we are and what we want our brand to be with our clients even when they aren’t looking? Do we own the clients goals so completely that we naturally and enthusiastically act in accordance with those goals at all times? Are we dedicated to excellence in all we do? Are we connected as a sales team or company, where we all own the vision of how we work with clients?

Lots of questions asked in this blog, only to illuminate the fact that when you see this commitment in action, each and every day, it is something to be recognized and appreciated. If our clients silently and anonymously observed us as I am the folks at the Wynn, would what they observed clearly communicate that you really care about what you do?

Only the reader can answer that for themself. Just something to ponder each day as you get that morning cup of coffee.

By Chris Crawford, General Sales Manager, Efficio Solutions

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Chris Crawford

Written by Chris Crawford

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