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Sep 29, 2015 3:11:08 PM / by Chris Crawford

If you are a career sales professional, you have heard this old adage before, so you can relate to the concept of time as a spendable and irretrievable currency.  Time not spent efficiently and effectively selling and engaging clients costs you money.  Not knowing where to direct and focus the currency of the time you do have will affect your ability to build a successful track.

As a manager and consultant  I have enjoyed the chance to listen to hundreds of sales people and managers regarding issues and obstacles that make being successful in today’s economic environment difficult. Feedback shared with me include but is not limited to:  frustration with duplication of work flows, multiple log-ins to unconnected software systems, appointment tracking across multiple devices, hand generation of excel spreadsheets for forecasting, even the simple task of requesting a new account made difficult from  inaccuracies in the sales database.

I do believe we in the radio and television media space have experienced a period of grace regarding our industries overall demand for business enterprise and financial transparency during the last 20 years. What I mean by grace is that other industries that employ a relationship selling solutions based philosophy have been significantly  ahead of our curve in demanding visibility into a market, station, and/or reps book of business. As the media world evolved from the early 90’s four stations in a single market with multiple owners reality  into a more consolidated  corporately owned and financially driven sales environment  of today, requirements have ramped up significantly.

As a result , media centric CRM’s like Efficio, RAB Account Manager,  and Matrix have designed software to meet and answer the ever evolving needs of today’s  radio and TV executives.  Current expectations are that sales reps and managers possess functional knowledge and daily engagement with traffic systems, ratings providers, production suites, presentation software, and other third party vendors.

So, how do I spend the time I have available to me to meet goals?  You need a better mousetrap. A better, more connected or integrated mousetrap to navigate the daily grind of growing your business enterprise while meeting and exceeding corporate expectations.

At Efficio we believe we have responded to client needs and created an integrated software solution for the media sales space for today and tomorrow. We listened to feedback from thousands of users, brainstormed easier and more intuitive design and navigation,  and connected best in class third party providers in all of the areas mentioned above All with one log-in providing integrated navigation across these platforms. We think it is pretty exciting stuff that will make the world of a media sale rep and manger seamless, integrated, and more productive. We will be at the RAB in Atlanta and the SMTE Show in Austin (booth 45) meeting with clients who are interested  in discussing the future of software for the radio and television space and how we can make your sales team more productive.

To schedule a place and time to meet in Atlanta, reach out to me Chris Crawford at 1-877-333-4246 extension 825, or e-mail me at In Austin, just stop by our booth. Hope to see you soon.


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Chris Crawford

Written by Chris Crawford

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