ShareBuilder CRM 4.13.23 Release Notes

Apr 13, 2023 5:00:00 AM / by ShareBuilders

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Our newest release for ShareBuilder CRM continues to improve upon a new feature we released in the last few months. Sales Analysis makes it easier than ever to gather all your data in one place. Thanks to the feedback of our clients we’re finding new and innovative ways to make this feature more useful.

This release better integrates the different ways that CRM clients use Forecasts and Budgets.

  • Most notably, the Sales Analysis page has been nested into the Account and Agency detail pages. When viewing the Sales Analysis page within these company pages, the Sales Analysis view is pre-filtered to the company the user is already viewing.
  • New columns are being added to support the various ways clients input budgets and forecasts all the way down to the secondary and AE levels.
  • When filtering by or viewing the page as an AE, Station Budget and Forecast will be hidden and only AE Budget and Forecast will be shown.
  • We have added an Agency filter to the Sales Analysis page which provides a whole new view into financials not previously possible in CRM.
  • You can now see your Sales Funnel directly inside of the Account details page, making it even easier to drill down to the data you need. 

For more information, please visit our knowledge base for support articles and training videos, or use our Chat feature to reach out directly to a Customer Success Representative.


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