Integration Helps Your Sales Team Get The Most Out of Every Proposal

Feb 11, 2021 10:00:00 AM / by ShareBuilders

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The right data can turn a standard proposal into something captivating and competitive. Instead of just talking about the benefits of a potential sale, you can show the proof in numbers. 

There’s just one problem - who has the time to gather, analyze and chart all that data?

Many media businesses track their data in spreadsheets and outdated documents, with tedious and time-consuming upkeep. But with an integrative tech approach, that data is available at the click of a button.


How Integration Works

One solution for integrating the technology you use every day is through a CRM system. Some of these systems are created especially for media sales, but make sure you are looking into CRMs that can integrate your most-used software, apps and other programs.

That means the CRM can sync up with the other tech you already use and pull data from them. You get all the information you need in one spot, and without the headache of manual data entry.

All of this information can help you determine the best placement and price for each spot, which helps your team build stronger proposals.


How Integration Can Elevate Your Proposals

The beauty of an integrative CRM system is that all of your data is in one hub, and it can be easily compared and understood. You can pull charts, put together reports and compare past quarters or years to add to the value of any proposal. 

And while the data is great, it’s not much help if it’s too convoluted for your client to understand. A CRM that uses integration can display all of your data in aesthetically-pleasing graphs and charts that clearly illustrate your main proposal points. 


Expedite the Proposal Process

Putting together proposals can take up a sizable percentage of your team’s time. A software solution that pulls data and information from across your tech stack cuts down on time and effort while elevating the quality of your proposals. 

And that’s the power of integration. It brings everything together in one hub so you can quickly see how each part impacts the others.


Proof in Pricing

Imagine receiving one proposal backed by data, graphs and evidence to justify the final quote, and then receiving one that doesn’t. As a customer, you would have far more confidence spending money when you have all the information.

And as a salesperson, your pitch would be much more confident if you knew just how valuable each spot was.

Integration empowers both your sales team and your customer by pulling all available information and translating it in a way that makes sense.


Maximize your Proposals

You want your proposals to wow the customer, but you don’t want to create more work for your team. Integration aggregates key information in one hub, so your team can efficiently create proposals that are professional, thorough and sleek.


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