Sales Shouldn’t Be Siloed: 3 Reasons Your CRM Needs to Integrate

Dec 17, 2020 12:16:54 PM / by ShareBuilders


Think about how much technology your business relies on every day: All those apps, tools and systems become essential components of your work. But if those components don’t integrate, you are potentially wasting a lot of time (and missing out on opportunities) trying to keep track of them all.


Here are 3 reasons why you should look for a CRM tool that integrates with your most-used technology:


CRM integration saves time

You probably turned to tech solutions in your business to offload some of the everyday tasks that can be really time-consuming. But as you use more of these solutions, managing them all can be a surprisingly significant time commitment.


But when you have a CRM system that can integrate with the tools you know and love, then everything you use becomes even better and more valuable.


Instead of spending hours on data entry or going back and forth between tools, that information can be automatically shared and updated through integration.


CRM integration saves money

Your team’s time is valuable. So if a well-integrated CRM system saves you time, then it’s also saving you money.


But it goes beyond freeing up time so your team can focus on sales. It can also show patterns and opportunities you might not have noticed before.


For example, if you can integrate pricing and forecasting information with client information, you might notice buying and pricing trends you hadn’t before. 


When do these clients buy more? When did they stop buying? When did you see an influx of clients, and what were they spending?


Having access to that information in one place is essential for pricing and pitching better in the future.


Integration for inventory management

If you’re in the media ad sales world, you know how many moving parts there are - and they don’t move slowly. You have to be quick to keep inventory fluid, handle problems and move on opportunities when they’re available. 


There is much less time for data entry, creating rate cards or constantly watching inventory. That’s why a CRM system that can do more than hold client information is so valuable. A media ad sales CRM should empower you with vital information about when contracts are ending, how this year’s inventory compares to last year, avails, proposals, and sales activity. 


Bottom Line

Data is great, but if it’s isolated, it’s not telling you everything you need to know. An integrated CRM will layer data with customer behavior and information. It will give you the whole story, not just the index. And ultimately, it will enrich every tech solution you use. 


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Written by ShareBuilders