Crack the Code of Pricing Success: Harnessing Sharebuilders' Holding Capacity Model

Oct 25, 2023 4:00:00 PM / by Mark Bretsch


Effective pricing is the cornerstone of a successful broadcasting business. In this regard, ShareBuilders' Holding Capacity model emerges as an invaluable tool for understanding the present and shaping the future of your revenue streams. At its core, this model offers insights into what your equitable share of revenue should be for a specific quarter or even an entire year. However, delving deeper into its intricacies can grant you a distinct competitive edge, enabling you to discern precisely where you wield pricing power and where it may be more limited. Guided by a dedicated ShareBuilders consultant, you can navigate this model to your advantage.

2-4The initial step entails selecting the demographic you intend to target, often centering around Adults 25-54. Once the demographic is established, you can analyze the performance of each station within your market, measuring their delivery of available rating points across different dayparts. By juxtaposing your station against its competitors, you can identify the dayparts that demand competitive pricing and those in which a bolder pricing strategy can be embraced. While this data is likely to corroborate your existing insights in many instances, it often uncovers hidden gems that can empower you to outpace your rivals.

Remember that every station harbors programs and dayparts that attract advertisers regardless of ratings delivery. Within these scenarios, a pivotal consideration emerges. When faced with a consistently sold-out show, it's imperative to weigh which advertisers should be granted access to this premium inventory and at what rate. This underscores the strategic interplay between inventory allocation and pricing, influencing your overall revenue trajectory.

3-Oct-25-2023-07-49-46-2402-PMAs you navigate this process, the expertise of your ShareBuilders consultant comes to the fore. Their guidance will be instrumental in deciphering the nuances of the Holding Capacity model, aiding you in optimizing your pricing strategy across diverse dayparts. Through this collaborative effort, you can confidently make decisions that bolster your competitiveness and elevate your revenue potential.

In conclusion, ShareBuilders' Holding Capacity model transcends the realms of revenue projection. It empowers you to strategically price individual dayparts, harnessing insights that guide your present decisions and future endeavors. By embracing this model and its underlying insights, you position your broadcasting business at the forefront of pricing innovation and revenue optimization.

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Mark Bretsch

Written by Mark Bretsch

Director of Consultants at ShareBuilders

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