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Feb 1, 2023 2:23:05 PM / by Bill Witsik


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In a Game of Inches, ShareBuilders can help you cross the goal line. 

Let’s face it, the difference between a successful quarter or a budget miss in the broadcast business is becoming razor thin. One bad share, one poor new business quarter, one piece of business you get shut out of can be the difference between meeting your goals or missing your target. Nowadays, if you can’t maintain or grow share of your top 10 accounts you may very well be doomed before the quarter really gets started. With that said, ShareBuilders is proven to grow a station’s share by an average of a half point over three years. (Link to study) I know it doesn’t sound like much, but the difference depending on market size can be substantial – hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

How do we do it? It’s all in the data. In a nutshell, we help stations look at the big picture with our data early and often. That focus comes in a number of data points: pacing, inventory, holding capacity, CPP/CPM history, historical sellout averages, etc.

ShareBuilders uses that data to create and maximize revenue potential based on several factors. We get ahead and identify months where we see a station may have some billing challenges - and we use our team of consultants to adjust pricing and identify opportunities that are easily laid out in our weekly calls.

One of the most valuable features of being a ShareBuilders client is the forced focus that it provides on a weekly basis. We get it; sales managers are busy. Between local sales calls, sales meetings, community events, travel to see agencies, etc. the life of a sales manager can be hectic. The weekly half-hour with ShareBuilders is a haven of sorts, and it allows the client and consultant some quiet time to look at the big picture in real time every week.

The next time a market audit comes out and it’s not what you expected, remember this post. We can take the guesswork out of pricing, forecasting, anticipated market share, and a host of other data points that will help you stretch out over the goal line . . . and score with your station groups!


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Bill Witsik

Written by Bill Witsik