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Sep 27, 2023 11:11:32 AM / by Taylor Snow

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For over twenty years, ShareBuilders has been a beacon of innovation, powering some of the nation's largest media brands with game-changing solutions. As media sales continue to transform, we're not just adapting; we're redefining what it means to furnish state-of-the-art pricing and sales analytics tools, enhanced by our team's unrivaled depth of industry expertise.

As AI reaches a pivotal stage in its evolution, we are harnessing its potential in alignment with our mission statement - we make your data make sense. This commitment propels our mission to deliver solutions that don't just follow trends but set them.

We view AI not merely as a tool, but as a technology capable of forever reshaping the landscape of media sales. At ShareBuilders, AI is more than a buzzword; it's a path to create compelling benefits for our customers, offering a unique blend of assistance, enhancement, and empowerment. Its potential to address the industry's most daunting challenges and unlock new avenues of opportunity is unprecedented, promising to reimagine everything from routine tasks to the most creative and forward-thinking initiatives.


Announcing ShareBuilders AI

We're thrilled to unveil ShareBuilders AI, a groundbreaking suite of features designed to elevate the capabilities of the ShareBuilders Platform. These new AI-powered functionalities will extend across CRM and Pricing experiences, delivering all-new data insights faster and more reliably than ever before. ShareBuilders AI encompasses a wide range of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and highly complex proprietary algorithms.

Guided by Our Approach to AI

As we venture on this transformative journey, we remain steadfast in our guiding principles of Accountability, Transparency, Inclusiveness, and Purpose. Our commitment to these values ensures that ShareBuilders AI solutions are not just technologically advanced but also accountable and transparent in their implementation.
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AI Designed for Transparency

To signify the presence of ShareBuilders AI within our platform, we're introducing a new system-wide design language. ShareBuilders AI features are distinguished by a unique icon and purple coloring, providing customers with immediate transparency and a clear indication of AI implementation.

"With ShareBuilders AI, we're disrupting our industry by delivering cutting-edge solutions and capabilities and becoming the most all-encompassing media sales platform on the planet."
-Chris Koller, ShareBuilders VP of Sales & Marketing


Our AI Journey Has Just Begun

With ShareBuilders AI, we're merely scratching the surface of what's to come. Look forward to the ShareBuilder AI features, including Precision Pending, Rate Impact, Forecasting, and many more, as we continue to drive the future of media sales solutions.
Stay tuned for our upcoming blog series that will delve into each new ShareBuilders AI feature, unveiling how they can enhance your media sales operations like never before.
Welcome to the future of media solutions with ShareBuilders AI, only available on the ShareBuilder Platform.


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