Smart Forecast: The Next Evolution in ShareBuilder Tools

Dec 20, 2023 4:00:57 PM / by James Pollard


For over two decades, ShareBuilders has been at the forefront of helping broadcasters understand their data. Today, we're excited to introduce Smart Forecast, a bespoke machine-learning model that predicts revenue forecasts with unprecedented accuracy. Alongside the recently released Precision Pending, Smart Forecast joins a suite of new ShareBuilder AI tools dedicated to providing the broadcast industry with the most powerful analytics available. Smart Forecast was developed completely in-house and does not rely on third-party AI tools, ensuring client data always remains secure and private. For more about our commitment to privacy, see our Our Approach to AI.

You can find Smart Forecast on the forecasting page of the ShareBuilder Pricing web app. Here are the top takeaways you need to know:

A Model As Unique As Your Team

As we’ve helped the broadcast industry navigate the radical shifts over the past 25 years, only one rule has remained uncontested—no market or station is the same. This understanding is at the core of the ShareBuilder consulting philosophy. Forcing every client into one massive, all-purpose model wasn’t just impractical; it ran against our most basic understanding of the industry. That’s why we created individualized models for every station in our platform. Each model is trained to deeply understand its station and the landscape in which the station operates. This ensures your forecasts aren't just generalized assumptions but are finely tuned predictions based on you and you alone.

Unparalleled Accuracy

We obsess over data and believe the proof is in the numbers. And while it's still in its infancy, Smart Forecasts has proven extraordinarily accurate. In trials, Smart Forecast has demonstrated it's up to 10% more accurate than traditional Pricing Targets 60 days out and over 15% more accurate 150 days out. This level of precision isn't just impressive; it's transformative in helping clients confidently make strategic decisions further out.

Always Up-To-Date

In an increasingly competitive world, data is becoming stale faster than ever.  That's why Smart Forecasts are updated every time we receive new data from your traffic system, ensuring you're always equipped with the most current predictions. This dynamic approach allows for more agile decision-making as you set your station forecast and Pricing Targets.

A Continuously Evolving Model

The broadcast industry is facing constant and relentless change. Any attempt to build a predictive model couldn’t just recognize this reality; it needed to embrace uncertainty as a fundamental virtue. Smart Forecast is not a stagnant model that will quickly become obsolete. Each month, as revenue books close, Smart Forecast analyzes and reevaluates its own predictions. Simply put, Smart Forecast teaches itself to provide better and more personalized predictions. This allows the model to become increasingly more accurate over time but also ensures that the model evolves and adapts to market changes.

Learn More

We cannot wait to hear what you think about Smart Forecast and to show you more cutting-edge tools we are developing. To learn more about how Smart Forecast can help transform your forecasting processes, speak with your ShareBuilder consultant or schedule a demo.

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James Pollard

Written by James Pollard

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