The Influence of Local News on Consumer Behavior: A Closer Look

Mar 27, 2024 3:15:00 PM / by Bill Witsik

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One of the biggest trends we see at ShareBuilders is the strong demand for local news in the early morning and early news. On the flipside, there has been a lack of demand in late news over the past several quarters. Some of it is understandable, given how primetime viewing habits have evolved. More streaming and less primetime viewing means the lead-in for local news isn’t as strong as they were five or ten years ago.

Bill Blog- Feb (4)That is a missed opportunity for those not participating in late news, or any local news for that matter, according to TVB. They recently released a study that sheds some light on TV's role in consumer behavior, and its findings show some very positive results for local news. The study assessed the impact of various media platforms on consumer decision-making across eight distinct categories, surveying responses from individuals exposed to advertising via more than 20 media platforms. 

The findings showed that TV remains the most significant influencer among all stages of the purchase funnel. That finding isn’t shocking. However, local broadcast TV news ranks as THE most trusted media platform. Station websites and apps also registered at the top among digital platforms in trustworthiness.

Below are some key insights from the survey regarding trust in media sources when it comes to news consumption:

“I Trust The News I see/Hear on This Media Source.”

  • Local Broadcast TV News - 73%
  • National Broadcast Network TV News - 69%
  • Local Newspapers - 67%
  • Radio Stations - 65%
  • Public TV News - 64%
  • Cable TV News - 61%

In sharp contrast, digital platforms generally ranked at the bottom of the list.

  • Streaming radio - 54%
  • Podcasts - 47%
  • Social Media - 43%

When you break it down, digital media is the shiny new toy, but broadcast TV and its news ducts remain the best way to influence consumer behavior. This study is good news for broadcasters and a great way for local businesses to use the exposure in local news to gain consumer confidence.

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Bill Witsik

Written by Bill Witsik

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