Three Observations from Recovery

Jul 19, 2023 3:15:00 PM / by Mark Bretsch

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Recently I underwent a medical procedure that required an extended period of rehabilitation and recovery. Suffice it to say, during that time, I watched a ton of local television. I was sequestered in a medium-sized market in Iowa and arrived at these three observations from my viewing in May.

  1. 3If you're in a Red state with an early GOP primary, political spending should be off the charts. It appears that the front-runners' PACs have deep pockets. States with February and early March primaries should see significant spending. It all comes down to which candidates remain relevant in the polls as well as how they're backed financially.

  2. Tier three automotive was barely visible, but there appeared to be signs of recovery. Mega dealerships made up the brunt of tier three automotive ads, but toward the end of the month, I started to see more of a presence from smaller dealerships. Early conversations for Q3 show more signs of optimism for this segment to rebound stronger, especially with the availability of NFL and college football in August and September.4

  3. Tourism, furniture, and home improvement were the three big categories with a consistent presence throughout the month. These categories continue to be the industry's bread and butter. Tourism was quite prevalent, yet I'm unsure if it was just a timing issue or if that category will continue significant spending through July and early August.

Needless to say, spot business isn't flying off the shelves. Stations will likely have to continue to manufacture their own demand if they are to achieve their revenue expectations in Q3.

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Mark Bretsch

Written by Mark Bretsch

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